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The Red Bridge

The Red Bridge is on Old Highway 101 in

Armstrong Creek, WI, and spans the

Armstrong Creek. When I was a kid, my friends

and I used to play and fish there and hop the rocks

from one side of the creek to the other. The bridge

is only open to pedestrian travel.

After all these years it is still one of my favorite places.

This is the bridge in all 4 seasons.

Red Bridge in Winter

Red Bridge in Spring

Red Bridge in Summer

Red Bridge in Fall


I love to sit and reminisce
About those good old days;
We’d ride our bikes to the old Red Bridge
To spend our day at play.

The bridge was old and dangerous,
But still we’d try to cross.
The wood was rotted and falling apart
And covered with green moss.

We’d often bring our fishing poles
To see if the fish would bite.
Sometimes we’d catch a nice big trout
That would put up quite a fight.

To get across the river fast,
We’d jump from rock to rock.
We’d go downstream where the river slowed,
And sit in the sun and talk.

Then we’d walk across the road
To the pond on the other side,
Where the water is deep, silent and still,
And the tadpoles and bullfrogs hide.

Later on, at the end of the day,
We’d finally head for home,
Until the next day, when on our bikes,
Back to the bridge we’d roam.

I often reflect on those good old days
And the memories left behind.
Just thinking about those simpler times
Gives me peace of mind.

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