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I rarely see anything other than birds when I’m
in the woods, which is surprising, considering
I’m in the woods every day, so I was very pleased
to find to 2 porcupines in the trees on Sunday
afternoon. I managed to get some pics of both
of them.


Fence Mud Run 2008

Ah, yes, boys and their toys. Every year in April, a group

of guys gets together for a little fun in the mud in

Fence, WI. Anyone who wants to can run their

truck through the mud, and if someone gets

stuck, someone else will happily pull them out.

Yeah, just a bunch of good ol’ boys rippin’ it up

in a muddy cornfield. This little event attracts

quite a large crowd, too.

My nephew and his mud truck and my husband.

My daughter and my nephew.

After a little trouble-shooting, he was able to get back in the mud.


The First Bloodroots

I took a walk in the woods this morning and found

the first bloodroots.  They aren’t open yet, but hopefully

in the next day or 2 they will be.  It’s sunny here today,

but still cold and windy.  Currently 43 degrees.


Camera-Critters Sunday #3

Last week I introduced my dog Axl, so this week I’d like to introduce

my other 2 “furbabies”, Jack and Earl.   They are 2 1/2 years old.

Jack is the one on the bottom shelf and his sister Earl is on the top

shelf.  And yes, I knew Earl was a girl when I named her, I was just

trying to be funny.  They are both big “love-sponges” and are the

2 sweetest cats we’ve ever had, and they get along just great with Axl.


One Single Impression: Flowering


In the silence there is beauty.

Stand beneath the cold, gray sky,

And feel it penetrate your soul

And calm you like nothing else can.

Life is in limbo all around;

Not quite dead, yet not growing either.

Such weariness, waiting for the sun.

Cold winds blow,

Stirring the leaves around my feet.

Snow falls, but doesn’t linger.

Trilliums lay patiently,

Closed and huddled against the earth,

Waiting to bloom.

A single daffodil opens,

The promise of new life.


More Macro

It was very cold and windy here today with occasional

snow flurries, and according to the forecast, we’re

supposed to get more of the same for the next few days.

Here’s some macro flower shots from this past



Sky Watch Friday


Ronald Walter Hoffman

This is a picture of my dad when he was a young man. I’m not sure how

old he is here,but he’s 70 now and I think this picture was taken in the

late 50’s.I like this picture for the same reason that I like the picture of my

mom that I posted back in February. It has an air of mysteryabout it.

He looks like he has so much more than fishing on his mind.

My dad is a very intense, ambitious and motivated person.

He’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met. He’s very meticulous

and organized and always does everything to the best of his ability,

and he has always had an outstanding work ethic. He taught

me to always give 110%, always stay busy, always give more than is

expected of you, and always strive to do better because there

is room for improvement.

Of course I rolled my eyes every time he told me these things

when I was in my teens, but his words have served me well over the

years and I have since thanked him for his sage advice, and told

him how much it has helped me. I felt that after all the eye rolling

and attitude he endured, he deserved to get credit for the good

that he’s done.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye, but over the years we have

become good friends. He has always been and will remain a symbol

of strength, wisdom and integrity.


Macro Madness

I have an overwhelming passion for photography,

especially macro photography.  There’s nothing I

enjoy more than silently walking through the woods

in search of small little things to photograph.

the kinds of things that are so small and insignificant

that they would normally go unnoticed.  Those are the

things that I like to take extremely close-up pictures of.

It’s like looking at the world in a whole new way, and it’s

very calming and relaxing.  A great stress-buster.

All day long at work I look forward to my nightly trek

into the woods, and it helps get me through even the

longest, hardest days.  It helps me deal with whatever

else may be worrying me as well.  I always come back from

the woods with a renewed spirit.  Here are a few treasures

from last night walk.


The First Wildflowers

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find the first

wildflowers growing already.  The snow has only been gone

now for 2 full days, so I never expected to see them so soon.

I found about 6 trilliums and 1 hepatica.  No bloodroots

yet, though.

This little hepatica just popped up today.  It’s not even fully

open yet.

April 2008

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