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Camera Critters #8

This week for Camera Critters I’m posting pictures of a little fawn that was abandoned by her mother and was found by our friends 2 years ago.  They took it in and fed it and cared for it until it was old enough to fend for itself in the wild.  They named her Molly and she co-existed quite comfortably with the family and their menagerie of pets, including 2 dogs.


Sky Watch Friday

I shot these pictures this past Saturday evening.

I was just amazed at how incredible the sky

looked. We don’t get many sunsets like this.

I don’t have a good view of the west from my

house, so when I saw the color high in the sky

through the trees, I jumped in my truck and

drove a few miles over to County Line Road,

which has a wonderful, wide open view to the





Monday’s Treasures

I had my camera with me all day today, (like any day)

and I found quite a few things to photograph.

With the price of gas being so high, I don’t make

as many special trips to takes pics like I used to.

So, needless to say, a trip to run errands usually  takes

longer than normal because I end up stopping along the

way to photograph something that catches my eye.

I also spend much more time prowling the woods

around our house, looking for photo ops.

Here’s a few “treasures” from my day.

A field of dandelions.

An abundance of trilliums.  This picture doesn’t even do them justice.

There is a huge area that is as thick as this.  I just couldn’t get a

good shot to capture all of it.

Blue Cohosh blossoms

Ground Ivy  a.k.a. Creeping Charlie

Maidenhair Ferns

A Starflower

Yellow Violet

Jack in the Pulpit


Family Time

This nest of robins is hanging on the back of my brother-in-laws

garage.   Mama robin is sitting on 4 babies and she didn’t seem to

mind me being this close.  I was using a 200mm zoom lens, so I

was about 8 or 9 feet away.  Daddy robin was much more skittish

with us around and he wouldn’t come into the nest when I was this

close, so we had to stand back a bit when he wanted to come in

and feed the babies.  The 2 babies in the nest behind our garage

have flown away today.


One Single Impression-Reflecting

Autumn’s beauty

Reflected in a puddle

My dog drinks it in


Camera Critters Sunday #7

A mama robin built a nest in a window on our garage.

You can see her sitting on her eggs in this first picture,

looking very unhappy with me for getting so close.

I just got close enough to get a good shot with my

zoom lens and then left her alone

I took this next picture earlier this week.   You can see one egg

never hatched, but the other 2 babies look just fine.

I took this last picture this afternoon.  The babies look like they may be

ready to fly any day now.  I also noticed that the unhatched egg is

no longer in the nest.  Mama must have cleaned house.