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The Mirrored Lake


As I gaze out over

The tranquil surface

Of the mirrored lake,

It’s so easy to put aside

The difficulties

Of everyday life.

The call of the loon

Echoes through the

Early morning stillness,

As the earth quietly

Awaits the new dawn.

Silently I skim across

The peaceful water

Through the misty

Morning air, waiting

For the rising sun.


Sunday Afternoon

The day started out cold, gray and rainy.  Later in the afternoon, the skies cleared a bit and we had some sun, but it never really got very warm.  In the evening, I took a walk in the woods and got some shots of skippers and later on, I took a ride down to the boat landing and watched the sunset over Lake Hilbert.


Summer Afternoon

I shot this picture of the little red barn on my way home this afternoon. About an hour later, we had a thunderstorm pass through. Shortly after that, I took a ride to town and shot the other 3 pics along the way.

Well, it appears I posted this too soon in the day, because around 7 P.M., I went into the kitchen for something and looked out the window and saw this cool cloud with what looks like a hole in it, so I went out with the camera to get a pic or two.

Then, about 8:30, just before sunset, I looked out the window and saw this awesome-looking monster cloud to the east, so, once again, I set out with the camera to capture it.

Yes, today was just one of those great days for taking cloud pictures.   I’m very thankful that I was able to capture them all on my camera.


Sky Watch Friday

I shot these 3 pictures Wednesday morning.  I shot the first one at 4:50, the second one at 5:15 and the third one at 5:40.  I like the way the sky changed so much during this time frame.  I shot all 3 from my front doorstep.  I consider myself very fortunate to have such a good view of the east.  I only wish I had as good of a view to the west, then I wouldn’t have to jump in my truck and drive to a better location for sunset shots.


4 Seasons: Outhouse

This is an outhouse that stands on the site of an old homestead on Old Smith School Lane in Armstrong Creek.  The barn and house have caved in a log time ago, but the pumphouse and outhouse are still standing.  The door is missing on the outhouse, though.  The front of it is a turquoise color.  I like shooting it from the back cuz the background is better from that perspective.  I remember the old man that lived here.  When I was a kid, he would walk into town every day (about 3 miles), pick up the priest’s mail and deliver it to him.  Something about this old homestead draws me back from time to time.  I just seem to have a fascination with old abandoned buildings.






Sunrise, Tuesday morning


There’s a lot to be said

For solitude;

Time spent alone with

Your thoughts,

Sequestered from the rest of

The world.

I consider it time

Well spent

And an absolute


Time to sort out your


Time to work through your


Time to let your imagination

Run free.

Time to be quiet, still and

At peace.


Sunday Sunrise

I know, I’m a day late, but I posted twice yesterday, so I decided to save this for today.  I shot both of these right from my front door.  This was the nicest part of the day, because it rained off and on the rest of the day and it wasn’t very warm either.