Cowslips, a.k.a. Marsh Marigolds are another of my favorite flowers.  These flowers bring back special memories for me.  They remind me of when I was very young and my Mom and Dad would take me fishing.  I loved going fishing with them and on one occasion I vividly remember asking my Mom about the yellow flowers growing along the river, and to this day, I still smile when I recall her answer.  You see, my Mom had a great sense of humor and she told me they were called “Cowslips” and when I asked why they had a name like that, she told me that it’s because the cows would come down to the river for a drink of water and wherever a cow went to the bathroom, that’s where the flowers would grow.   So, needless to say, whenever I see Cowslips I still think of her and her cute answer and how much I enjoyed fishing with them both.  Of course I also recall the time they decided to let me try casting by myself and I got the hook caught in the scarf that I was wearing on my head…..


1 Response to “Cowslips”

  1. 1 Corky
    June 24, 2008 at 2:32 am

    These are great. Our Cowslips in the UK are different to these but still yellow

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