Fumee Lake Natural Area

On Thursday I had to go to Iron Mt. to get new tires put on my truck and do a little shopping, so I decided to take a ride out to Fumee Lake. I had never been there before so I thought I would check it out while I have a chance. I have had this week off because I quit my job after 21 years to start a new job and it is definitely a step in the right direction for me. A BIG improvement. I will be driving much farther to get to work every day, but it is well worth it. Anyway, Fumee Lake Natural Area is very beautiful, but I didn’t have enough time to really search the area to find any new wildflowers that I hadn’t seen before, so I decided to share a few of the ones I did find anyway. The family of young wild turkeys pictured here were on my way to Iron Mt. on Hwy C.

Fumee Lake

I was lucky enough to find a Garter snake to photograph, but unfortunately, he snagged a frog for lunch (look closely) as I snapped the shot. Oh well, one man’s frog is another man’s Big Mac, I guess.

Crown Vetch

Wild Bergamot

Spotted Knapweed


1 Response to “Fumee Lake Natural Area”

  1. 1 Catherine Vivio
    August 26, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Phyllis Carlson from Quinnesec is quite knowledgeable about flowers at Fumee. She leads tours there from time to time.

    I think your pictures are fantastic. I looked at the ones you have posted on Weather Underground.


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