While I was out snowshoeing Sunday afternoon, I noticed this stem sticking out of the snow and went to take a closer look to see what it’s shadow would look like.  A few years back I found a beautiful “heart” on the snow made from a branch and it’s shadow.  Since then I’ve found a few others and I always look for “hearts” whenever I’m outside.  Anyway, I found that when I looked at this stem and it’s shadow at the proper angle, it did indeed create a heart.  I had already posted the other hearts I’ve found about a year ago, so I just made a collage of them to post here again.  About 20 feet from this heart was where I was struck with the realization of just how blest I am in my life.  I know several people who are very ill right now, some of them fighting for their very lives.  Some of my friends at work just got laid off and I could possibly end up getting laid off myself in a few weeks, but for right now I’m still working and I’m very thankful for that.  It just made me realize that the things I gripe about are so small compared to what other people are dealing with.  These thoughts literally stopped me in my tracks, and I knelt down and prayed.  After I stood up and continued on, I found this heart.


Monday morning I went out snowshoeing and there was quite a few tracks made by squirrels, mice and whatever little critters were scurrying around from tree to tree, and I noticed that these particular tracks look like hearts.


As I got near the house, I passed a branch sticking out of the snow, and as I took a closer look I realized that the branch and it’s shadow created another “heart” on the snow.


Here’s a collage of all the hearts that I’ve found so far.


Happy Trails!

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March 2009

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