White Christmas

We had some interesting weather this Christmas day.  When I got up, it had been sleeting, but stopped by the time I left for church.  After church it was sleeting again, and it changed to snow around noon.  Of course, because of the wind, it was snowing almost horizontally.  I looked outside and saw that the snow was sticking to the trees and I knew it would be a beautiful walk in the woods, so I went snowshoeing.  Besides, Axl was pestering the heck out of us and I knew there’d be no living with him until he got his walk.  It was windy but not very cold and when I got in the woods I was amazed at how beautiful everything looked.  Needless to say, I stayed out for two hours and took about a hundred pictures.  I’m glad I went out when I did because by the time I got back to the house the warm temps were causing the snow to melt off of the trees.  So anyway, here’s about a dozen pictures or so from my Christmas walk in the woods.  By the way, Axl’s been sleeping since we got back over 3 hours ago.  Good dog.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Happy Trails!!

1 Response to “White Christmas”

  1. 1 Cindy Schnell
    December 26, 2009 at 11:18 am

    I love these pictures.

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