Winter Wonderland, Cont.

This is a continuation of my post from yesterday.  I had so many pics I decided to make 2 separate posts.  I posted 16 pics from my snowshoe trek yesterday morning, and now I have 16 more from the rest of the day.  After I got home from my walk yesterday, I ate, changed into dry pants and long johns and went right back out in search of more photo ops.  I took a ride out to the Popple River at Big Bull Falls.  The falls were frozen over, but I did find a few open spots.  I was hoping that the skies would stay blue all day, but it clouded over before I got to the falls.  On my way home I took a ride south of town to the Armstrong Creek.  I also went out to the Popple River on Morgan Lake Road in Fence, WI.  I went snowshoeing at an old homestead today, but I’ll save those pics for tomorrow.

These two pics were taken on Highway 101 on the way to the falls.

Open water on the Popple River downstream from the falls.

Standing at the falls, looking downstream.

I could hear water on the other side of the big rocks across the falls, so I snowshoe’d across to check it out.  There wasn’t much to see.  The falls would normally run right behind where my snowshoes are sitting.

Facing upstream.

Fenceline by the armstrong Creek.

Armstrong Creek

Shorty Shack.  This little shack is less than a quarter mile from the creek.

I think this is an old square baler.

North branch of the Popple River in Fence, WI.

Happy Trails!!

1 Response to “Winter Wonderland, Cont.”

  1. 1 Cindy Schnell
    January 1, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    I Love those new snow pictures that you have here on your blog. the heavy snow pulls the trees down, and snow stacked on the trees. Keep up the good work, I love looking at it. AFA

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