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Of all the birds, chickadees are my favorite.  I just love the sound of their call, especially when I’m out in the woods.  I have two bird feeders hanging in the front yard and I decided to hang a suet feeder right outside the kitchen window to see if I could get them closer to the house so I could see them better and also to get some pictures of them.   I took the screen off of the window so I could get better shots, and I set up the camera on the tripod in front of the sink and Just let it sit there, then when I saw chickadees on the suet, I simply walked slowly over to the camera so I wouldn’t scare them and took my shots.  Here’s the two best ones from a few days ago.



In this post I want to feature a painting done by an artist who contacted me, asking permission to use one of my photos as basis for a painting.  The artist’s name is Robbyn Moore and I think the painting is absolutely beautiful, much better, in fact, than the original photo.  If I had to choose, I’d rather have the painting hanging on my wall than the photo.  Thank you, Robbyn, for sharing your wonderful talent with me and allowing me to share it with others here on my blog.


HDR Trails

Yesterday, when I went out to go snowshoeing, I took my Canon Rebel and then shortly after I got into the woods I wondered if it was really necessary to carry such a big heavy camera when the small one probably would have been sufficient.  Well, I just kept walking and didn’t turn back to change cameras and I ended up glad I did, because I realized that I had never done HDR shots in the winter and I decided to try it and see how it would look, and I would not be able to get these shots with the little camera.   I didn’t have the tripod so I took these shots handheld and I did a pretty good job of holding real still.  For the first couple of shots I will post the original and the HDR merge, just to show the difference.  The rest will just be HDR. There isn’t a very big difference between the HDR shot and the one straight out of the camera, but I just like to play around with it.

Tractor original

Tractor HDR

Trail original

Trail HDR

Fenceline original

Fenceline HDR.  The rest of the pics are HDR only

Happy Trails!!


Morning Visitor

This morning we had a little visitor pass through our front yard.  I was lucky enough to see this little fox walk off the road and into the yard.  Of course I was running like a nut, trying to get to the camera so I could get a shot.  I was able to get a few good ones, despite the fact that he never slowed down and just mosied right on through, out the driveway and on down the road again.  I’ve been seeing his tracks quite a bit out in the woods lately when I’m snowshoeing.   The first image is a cropped version of the second pic.  I did this to show how beautiful this fox looked.  His coat is perfect, not scruffy or mangy at all.


Tuesday’s Skies


Redneck Solution

I just had to post this one.  If your road isn’t getting plowed as often as it should, just do what this guy did.  He posted a friendly reminder for the town crew on the stop sign at the end of his road.  This particular town road, about a 1/2 mile stretch, had not been plowed and sanded in about two weeks, despite the fact that we had gotten several snowfalls during that time totaling around 8 or 9 inches.  Someone told me about the sign, and I had to pass this road in my travels, so I stopped to take a picture.  Needless to say, the road was plowed and the sign removed within a few days.  I use the title “Redneck Solution” because I know the guy who put the sign up and, well…let’s just say, the title is very fitting.


Sometimes A Walk Is More Than Just A Walk

I went out snowshoeing Saturday morning.  It was cloudy, but calm.  I wasn’t very motivated or inspired, I was just out there to get a workout and some fresh air.  Later on in the afternoon, the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining bright and it was still very peaceful and calm, but my attitude had changed drastically with the change in the sky.   I felt the strongest urge to go out and snowshoe again.  I was motivated and…inspired.  I wasn’t out there for a workout, I was out there for so much more.   I was out there to take in that peacefulness and renew myself, and also to try to put my feelings into words, which is exactly what I did.  I stopped every once in awhile to look around and write what I was feeling.  It is hard for me to adequately describe how wonderful I feel when I’m out in the peaceful solitude of the woods, but I did my best.   I was amazed at the difference between my morning walk and my afternoon walk and it reinforced what I’ve always known; sometimes a walk is just a walk, and sometimes it is so much more.

I dress up warmly and head for the woods

For the second time today.

I was out on the snowshoes earlier,

Around mid-morning, and it was cloudy,

But very calm.

Since then the clouds have passed,

And it is sunny, and still very calm,

And though it is only 2:30,

The sun has already begun it’s descent in the west,

Making the long winter shadows even longer.

The light is already beginning to take on

A mellow golden hue.

The only sounds I can hear are crows,

Chickadees, and an occasional, distant car.

My walk does not take me very far from home,

And I am content with simply

Traveling along my usual trails,

And every now and then,

Changing course and breaking a new trail.

Once in awhile I stop and stand in silence

And appreciate the tranquility of this day.

It fills my soul, lifts my spirits,

And renews my belief that

No matter where I go, or what I do,

God is always near.

Happy Trails!!


Saturday Evening Sunset

We don’t get nice sunsets (or sunrises) very often, but yesterday we had a beautiful one and I was able to get out and capture it.


Thursday’s Frost

Last Thursday I had to run to town for a few things and I took a few pics on the way, because there was frost everywhere I looked.  A short time later, when I left for work, we had freezing drizzle.


Saturday Afternoon

I went out snowshoeing this afternoon in a different area.  It was pretty cold and windy today and  I didn’t realize until I got back that it was only one degree above zero.  I stayed warm except for my face, which of course, was exposed.  It wouldn’t have been so if it hadn’t been windy.

Happy Trails!!

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