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Last Friday’s Sunset

I went out snowshoeing this morning and checked the game camera, but there were no pics on it, so I set it up on a different tree, and I guess we’ll see if anything comes in.  I’ll try to stay out of that area for the next few days.   I’m posting pics of last Friday’s sunset that I forgot I had on my camera.


More Tracks

I went out snowshoeing this morning and found some new tracks.  I didn’t go near the game camera, but close enough to see that it appears that something walked by.  The tracks I found followed one of my snowshoe trails for a ways, then headed another direction.  I took pics of two of the better tracks I found.  The third pic is a track that I haven’t identified yet.  It doesn’t look at all like the fox tracks that I found in the woods and in our yard.  I’ll check the game camera tomorrow and if I got any good pics.

Happy Trails!!


Wolf Alert

After snowshoeing in the woods around my house for six years now, this is the first time I’ve ever seen evidence of anything bigger than a fox, as far as predators go.  Saturday afternoon I went out with my dog, Axl and found what I believe to be wolf tracks on my snowshoe trails.  The reason I believe it is a wolf is because the tracks are as big as Axl’s, and Axl weighs 100 pounds.  I found the tracks within a quarter mile of the house.  I also found a stump that had obviously been urinated on quite a lot.  I was told that that is characteristic of wolves when they are mating, and  it’s their mating season right now.   So, needless to say, I will be leaving Axl home and snowshoeing alone from now on.   I feel so bad about that because he loves walking in the woods and he is such a wonderful companion.  I feel like he is being cheated, but it’s for his own good.   I went out this morning and set our game camera up by that stump to see if I can get pictures of the wolf or whatever it is.  I know we have a fox roaming around back there because I’ve seen his tracks on all my trails and I’ve seen him in our yard a few times.  I also think I’ve found coyote tracks too, so it will be interesting to see what I get pics of.  We had fresh snow on Tuesday and there were no new tracks around the stump or on my snowshoe trails since then.  Here’s a few pics of the tracks I found over the weekend.  One of these tracks is Axl’s.

This picture is Axl’s print.

The next two pics are of the pee stump.

Happy Trails!!


The Gift Of Music

God gives me the gift of music; my gift to Him is to share it with all my heart.


February 2010

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