Purple trillium and matching spider

Before I get started here, let me first say thank you very much to wordpress.com for featuring my “Remember” post (5/31/2010) on their Freshly Pressed page.  I really appreciate it and I am flattered that they liked my post well enough to put it on the home page.  Next, I’d like to express a sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog and a sincere thank you for all the wonderful comments.  I hope you liked what you saw here well enough to come back and see what else I have posted from time to time.

Now, about my pictures.  I’ve taken quite a few pictures in the last two days and it’s going to take me awhile to get them all posted (as usual), but I will get them posted.  I took a walk this evening and took a lot of pics, but I’m just going to post two of them for now.  We have a lot of Trilliums growing around here, and they are almost all gone now, but the cool thing about trilliums is that, though they are normally white, when they get old and start to die, they turn purple, which I think is great because purple is my favorite color.  As I was walking along, I decided the take a picture of this trillium and when I went down in the ditch for the picture, I realized that there was a spider on it.  I absolutely hate spiders, but I’d do anything for a good picture, including getting totally creeped out, so there I was with the camera about 3 inches away, shooting like crazy.  I looked it up in my bug book and it is a Goldenrod spider.  The goldenrod isn’t up yet, so I suppose this spider is just hanging out on the trilliums, waiting.  I like how the stripe on the spider matches the trillium.  It also looks like he’s holding something in front of his face.  Supper, maybe??

1 Response to “Purple trillium and matching spider”

  1. 1 alexandrucosmescu
    June 2, 2010 at 5:39 am

    Thank you for sharing this pictures with us. I never saw a spider like this and is amazing that the color of the flower matches his stripes. This nature holds so many interesting things…

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