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my good deed for the day

My alarm went off at 7:00 this morning and 15 minutes later I was still thinking about actually getting up, when I heard chirping and splashing right outside the bedroom window.  The cats ran to the window to have a look, and so did I.  What I saw was a bird trying desperately to get out of a bucket of water that was about half full.  I ran outside and tipped the bucket so the bird could get out and I saw that it was a young robin.  It was breathing heavy and shivering, so I took it around to the front of the house and put it in the grass in the sunshine to warm up and settle down.  After about an hour it was dried off and stopped shivering and looked much better, and it was calm enough to let me pet it.  There was a bird in the tree above me that was chirping quite loudly and  I think it was the mama.  I went for a walk and when I got back it was gone.  I feel sorry for the baby bird, but I’m glad I got to have such an amazing experience, and besides, the little bird survived.  Poor Axl had to wait much longer than usual to be let out of his crate though.  I didn’t want him to find the baby bird before mama bird did.

Straight out of the bucket of water.

The trip to the front of the house.

Looking much better.

This picture makes me think of the book I used to read to my daughter when she was little called, “Are You My Mother?”.


monday evening

Here’s a few things I found while out for a walk Monday evening.


Not sure what this is, but I liked the way it looked with the ant on it.

I hope this is just part of this bugs growing process, because his wings are seriously hosed up.

Bumble bee and clover

I found a lot of Columbine.  I couldn’t decide which these 4 pictures I liked best, so I’m posting them all.

June 2010

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