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Camera Critters #18

This past Thursday I was driving down an old dirt road when I spotted these 2 fawns and their mama. I drove past, swapped lenses and went by again and stopped. They stood and posed for quite a few pics before they ran away.

Mama deer was right nearby, keeping a close eye on me.


Camera Critters and Photo Friday

OK, so I’m gonna cheat a little this time.  I wanted to put up a post for Camera Critters and one for Photo Friday.  When I checked to see what the challenge word was this week for Photo Friday, I saw that it was “Flight”.  This is perfect because I happen to have a picture of my dog, Axl, flying through the air.  My daughter and I took him down to the lake last summer, and I stood in the water as far as I could without getting my shorts wet and she threw the ball for him.  I was able to get this shot of him “flying”.


Camera Critters #13

Ah yes, this is the life.  Now if someone could just bring me a fresh-sqeezed lemonade, and perhaps peel me a few grapes, and you over there, put down the camera and fan me, I’m still a bit too warm!

This is my German Shepherd, Axl.  This is his own personal pool, cuz he loves to run and play fetch a lot and he needs a way to cool down on warm days.  He’ll run and fetch for a while then run over and lay in the pool for a few minutes, get a drink and then he’s “good to go” again.  Also, if you tell him “go swimming”, he’ll run over and jump in and lay down like this.  He also likes to “dig” the water and splash it out all over.   For more great Camera Critters go to


Camera Critters #11

Skipper on Hop Clover.


Camera Critters #10

I went down to the lake one morning last June just to see what I could find and I found about a dozen dragonflies just hangin’ out on the grass. It was a cool morning and I think that’s maybe why they didn’t fly away when I was taking dozens of pictures of them. They all sat perfectly still, right where they were and not a one moved, not even this one when I got right in his face for this shot. I was only about 1 1/2-2 inches away from him.


Camera Critters #9

This is Pedro, a sweet little donkey who belongs to our friends.  I went to their house last December to take a family photo for their Christmas cards.  They wanted the whole family and all the animals (except the cats and goats) in the photo.  This included 3 horses, Pedro and 2 dogs.  The cats and goats were not included because there weren’t enough family members to handle all the animals.  The horses and dogs were restless, but Pedro was no problem at all.  He just stood there quietly through all the chaos.


Camera Critters #8

This week for Camera Critters I’m posting pictures of a little fawn that was abandoned by her mother and was found by our friends 2 years ago.  They took it in and fed it and cared for it until it was old enough to fend for itself in the wild.  They named her Molly and she co-existed quite comfortably with the family and their menagerie of pets, including 2 dogs.


Camera Critters Sunday #7

A mama robin built a nest in a window on our garage.

You can see her sitting on her eggs in this first picture,

looking very unhappy with me for getting so close.

I just got close enough to get a good shot with my

zoom lens and then left her alone

I took this next picture earlier this week.   You can see one egg

never hatched, but the other 2 babies look just fine.

I took this last picture this afternoon.  The babies look like they may be

ready to fly any day now.  I also noticed that the unhatched egg is

no longer in the nest.  Mama must have cleaned house.


Camera Critters No. 6

I found this big snapping turtle last summer while I was out

searching for wildflowers. I was driving along and there he was in the

middle of the road, so I stopped for a few shots. I always appreciate

it when the wildlife I’m photographing doesn’t run away.

He’s got the perfect face for radio, doesn’t he?


Camera Critters Sunday #5

Last Sunday on Camera Critters I posted a picture of a

baby Broad Breasted Bronze turkey.  This week I’m posting

a picture of an adult tom.  What a handsome fellow!!

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