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Lake Oneonta

I got up a little earlier than usual yesterday morning and hauled the kayak over to Lake Oneonta.  I have never gone kayaking on this lake despite the fact that it is only 3 miles from home.  There are no combustion engines allowed on the lake and the only public access is a long wide set of steps.  The steps are no problem for hauling a kayak, but I’m sure it would be much more difficult with a rowboat, which is much heavier.  There were quite a few ducks on the lake and I ended up upsetting quite a few of them.  Not on purpose though.

I thought it was interesting that this little tree is growing out of the end of a log sticking out of the water.

This is a small island that I plan on exploring in a few weeks to see what’s growing there.


First Kayak Trip

I finally got out on the lake in my kayak this morning for the first time this spring.  There was still plenty of ice and even some new ice from last night.  I had to break through it to get closer to the Tundra Swan so I could get pics.   The new ice was thick enough in some spots that I had to kind of chop the paddle through it each time while I was paddling.  It was about 38 degrees, but it didn’t feel cold out there.  The sun was warm and there was very little breeze.

I can’t resist a good reflection shot.

I had to do a little ice-breaking here.

We’re supposed to get temps in the fifties and sixties this week, so the rest of this ice won’t be around long.