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Lens Day: Leaves


Lens Day: Flower



Lens Day: Fire

The challenge word this week at is “fire”.  I don’t have any pictures of fire, but I do have one of a sunrise that looks like fire, so I decided to share it.


Summer Afternoon

I shot this picture of the little red barn on my way home this afternoon. About an hour later, we had a thunderstorm pass through. Shortly after that, I took a ride to town and shot the other 3 pics along the way.

Well, it appears I posted this too soon in the day, because around 7 P.M., I went into the kitchen for something and looked out the window and saw this cool cloud with what looks like a hole in it, so I went out with the camera to get a pic or two.

Then, about 8:30, just before sunset, I looked out the window and saw this awesome-looking monster cloud to the east, so, once again, I set out with the camera to capture it.

Yes, today was just one of those great days for taking cloud pictures.   I’m very thankful that I was able to capture them all on my camera.


Lens Day: Sunshine

The challenge word this week at Lens Day is sunshine, and I chose this awesome sunrise to share.


Lens Day: Automobiles

Ah, boys and their toys.  This post is in response to the challenge word,

“Automobiles” at Lens Day.  I took this picture last year on March 24.

This same field right now is still covered with snow.  Last year I found,

and took pictures of, the first spring wildflowers on April 21.

I’m gonna have to wait much longer than that this year.


Lens Day: Comfort

I chose to highlight my “furry kids” for todays post.
The challenge word for Lens Day this week is “comfort”.
In the summer we keep a plastic pool filled with water
for our dog, Axl to cool off in.  During a game of fetch,
he will occasionally jump in the pool and lay down
for a few minutes, till he cools off, then he’s ready
for more fetch.

These are our 2 cats, Jack and Earl.  That’s Jack on
the left and his sister Earl on the right.  Yes, Earl is
a girl, and yes, I knew she was a girl when I named
her Earl.  I just thought it would be funny to name a
girl cat Earl.  These 2 cats are the biggest love
sponges I have ever seen.  I think they look so sweet
when they snuggle up together and sleep.